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Bole Chudiyan (in as Music) Nimbooda (in as Music, Label) Independence Day Special - Bengali (in as Singer) StayHome Sing Along (in as Singer, Music) Sonali Cable (in as Music) Aazadi -Independence Day Special (in as Singer) Om Jai Lakshmi Mata (in as Singer) Om Jai Jagdish (in as Singer) Mood Uplifters In Quarantine (in as Singer, Music) Bollywood Remix (in as Singer, Music) Blank (in as Music) Bhaiaji Superhit (in as Singer, Music) Retro Cool Vol. 2 (in as Singer, Music) Retro Cool Vol. 1 (in as Singer, Music) Raghav Sachars Gayatri Mantra (in as Singer) Kuch Tum Kaho (in as Music) Diljaaniya (in as Music, Label) Warning Nahi Dunga (Blank) (in as Music) Ishq Di Kukki (in as Singer, Music, Label) Zee Music Originals (in as Singer, Starring, Music) Maahi Ve Teri Akhiyaan (in as Singer, Music) Hug Me (in as Singer, Music) Alco-Holiday - Weekend Special (in as Music) Jai Ganesh Deva (in as Music) Guest Iin London (in as Singer, Music) New Avtaar - Vol. 2 (in as Singer, Music) New Avtaar - Vol. 1 (in as Singer, Music) Om Namah Shivaya (in as Music) Om Jai Jagdish (in as Music) Hug Me - Raghav Sachar Version (in as Singer, Music)

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